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Teme - Stefi Nis

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DSLR fotoaparati / Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D
« poslato: Novembar 14, 2016, 05:26:21 posle podne »
Koristim Nikon D7100 vec oko godinu dana, pre njega sam imao Canon 600d. Slike na kanonu su imale mnogo lepsu boju i uopste mi se ne svidja žućkasta boja fotografija. Da li se isplati da sa Nikona D7100 predjem na Canon 7D? Koje su prednosti i mane oba modela?

Studijska i komercijalna fotografija / Istock - drugacije cene od nove godine
« poslato: Novembar 13, 2016, 08:32:17 posle podne »
Skoro su mi stigla dva imejla od Istock, koliko sam mogo da razumem engleski bice cene drugacije i imace jos nekih izmena. Na google translate lose prevodi ovaj tekst. Jel mozete da mo objasnite o cemu se radi u tekstu i da li ce nova pravila biti bolja za nas ili ne.  ;)

iStock Royalties Changes

We’ve got some important and positive news to share with you about changes to your royalties including:
Redeemed Credits – retirement of the current system at the end of 2016.
Exclusive royalty rates – new tiered system based on downloads (including subscription downloads and downloads on, effective January 1, 2017.
Non-exclusive royalty rates – retirement of tiering in favor of flat rates per file type, scheduled to be effective November 25, 2016.
Flat subscription download rates – replacement with a percentage royalty based on the price per file, scheduled to be effective November 25, 2016.

All of the changes are designed to produce a simpler, more transparent system that accounts for the growth of subscription and sales across Getty Images and rewards Exclusivity.

Redeemed Credits
The Redeemed Credits (RC) system was intended to encourage contributors to submit fresh, high quality content and deliver increasing royalty rates as credit thresholds against the content were met. With the growth of subscription products and the expanded licensing from, a credit-only system no longer reflects the wider performance of content.

Exclusive iStock Royalty Rates
The Redeemed Credit system will be retired at the end of 2016 and replaced with a ‘Download Target’ system to reward our Exclusive contributors, as follows:
Consistent with current rates, exclusive rates will start at 25% with the potential to reach 45%. rates will be determined based on the total annual downloads for each file type; across all iStock and Getty Images sales channels and products (excluding Thinkstock and API).
Every Signature+ file downloaded on will count twice towards your Download Target.
We are creating a new Signature+ collection for Illustration files. These files will also count twice towards your Download Target.
Download Target royalty rates will be applied to all iStock downloads – credits and subscriptions.

Timeline for Download Targets
As in the past, you will begin 2017 at the rate at which you ended 2016.
Annual Download Targets for upcoming year will be announced in Q4 of each year, with the targets for 2017 being announced before the end of 2016.
Your earned rate, based on previous year targets, comes into effect on January 1st of each year.
Earned rate increases for those who reach a new target level within the year will begin at the start of the following month after that level has been attained.
The download rates for 2017 will be modeled on 2016 tier data, with the intention that the royalty rate tiers are comparable.

These changes will better reward Exclusive contributors for their performance in subscription products, and, in total, will result in iStock paying over a million dollars more in royalties during 2017.

Non-Exclusive iStock Royalty Rates
Scheduled to be effective November 25, 2016, we’re moving to flat rates for non-Exclusive content; 15% for Photo files and 20% for Video and Illustration. Due to system cutover constraints, we need to migrate to this rate in two stages, moving to the 15% flat rate for subscription downloads from November 25 and then moving to the 15% flat rate for credit downloads on December 1. As a result, you’ll continue to receive your current percentage for credit downloads up until November 30.

iStock Subscription Download Rates
For both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive artists, flat subscription download rates will be replaced. Schedule to be effective November 25, 2016 a subscription ‘price per file’ (PPF) value will be calculated based on the price the customer paid for the subscription divided by the number of files downloaded against the subscription. Your royalty rate will be applied to the PPF.

For example, if a customer had a Signature 100 image subscription for which they paid $299 per month and they downloaded 50 images, we would divide $299 by 50 to give a $5.98 PPF. This would result in a contributor royalty of $1.50, assuming a 25% rate.

If a customer bought an Essentials 100 image subscription for $149 and they downloaded 50 images, the PPF would be $2.98 per file. Assuming a 15% royalty, you would receive $0.45.

This method means you will always earn your royalty percent against a subscription download regardless of the specific subscription a customer purchased or how many downloads they made. If a customer downloads fewer files from their subscription you will earn more due to the higher PPF, with no maximum payments established. We are also implementing a minimum PPF as a safety net for when customers fully utilize their subscription download caps. Those minimums are as follows:

Category                                    Minimum PPF    Example royalty %    Example royalty payment
Non-Exclusive                               $0.10                  15%                           $0.02
Exclusive: Essentials/Signature    $0.75                   35%                           $0.26
Exclusive: Signature+                   $4.15                   35%                           $1.45 Royalty Rates
Royalty rates for all iStock content sold on (GI Sales and API) will continue to be paid as follows:

                    Exclusive    Non-Exclusive
Photo            20%            15%
Illustration   20%             15%
Video            25%             20%

We’re sharing these changes with you well in advance and also announcing them together so that you can see them in context. As mentioned above, the changes will result in us paying over a million dollars of additional royalties, while reducing complexity, increasing transparency and rewarding those who contribute high-quality exclusive content.

We are working hard to meet all of the scheduled dates mentioned above, but as with any technology project, delays are possible. If anything changes, we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

We will update the Rate Card available on effective November 25, 2016 to reflect all of the changes above. To see the Rate Card that will be effective November 25, 2016, please click here.

We believe in the power of imagery to change the world. We know that the combination of your talent and our unrivalled market knowledge and distribution can deliver amazing content to our customers and generate growing revenue.

This can happen most efficiently if we all have the right tools and resources to empower you to shoot, upload and track the performance of your photos, illustrations and videos.

That is why we’ve spent this year working on Unification – a project which creates common platforms for both iStock and Getty Images contributors and brings the right investment and technology to our contributor systems.

We gave you some advance notice of this project back in May and can now share more details. Below are the key dates and some of the main benefits.

Unification Timeline – Contributor Tools

December 2016
Training materials provided for ESP content upload.
Scheduled for January 3, 2017 contributor tools will be retired on
Login details for the ESP Platform sent to iStockers
iStock contributor tools become available via the ESP Platform.

Main Benefits

A better platform with third party tools support
With the ESP platform comes a more stable API which will provide continued support for third party tools such as DeepMeta, Qhero and StockPerformer – there will be no need for you to change your accounts in those systems if you already use them.

Moving from the aging iStock tools and APIs to an actively supported, modern technology stack will enable continued investment and the ability to introduce better contributor tools in the future.

Batch submission advantages
The ESP platform supports batch uploading and keywording, either directly via ESP Upload or through third party tools, which gives the following advantages:
You can upload entire submissions and associated releases and metadata.
We can review your submissions faster, reducing time to market and speeding up error correction.
We can link the files within the submission to ensure they show up in the ‘Similar images’ area on the Asset Detail Page.
We may be able to accept a wider range of shots if we see them in the shoot context, for example when isolated elements work to support a lifestyle shoot.
For all of these reasons, we strongly encourage you to submit entire shoots in the future, or similar series of images within larger shoots if you are working with high volumes.

Stronger keywording
The ESP platform is integrated with the Getty Images keywording tree. This is an automatic synonym structure which connects keywords to related terms higher in the tree. For example, the system automatically associates the keyword ‘Paris’ to the parent term ‘France’ without needing to manually add ‘France’.

Better contributor tools
ESP has integrated support for Account Management, the Getty Images system where you will find your royalty and payment details. This includes a new feature for you to raise questions directly via tickets, then view and add to our responses within the tool.

Enhanced SEO
The new Asset Detail Page (ADP) and Search Results Page (SRP) have already moved to the Getty Images platform as part of Unification, leading to faster load times and better indexing of pages in search engine results.

Creative Briefs for Exclusive Contributors
For Exclusive iStock contributors, Unification will bring more integrated support for sharing creative briefs and research. We will be rolling out a more proactive and strategic briefing approach in 2017.

Updated ASA
Effective December 1, we will update the ASAs to reflect these changes.  You will see the link to the new ASA when you upload through the iStock Site starting near the end of October. We are updating things like how you contact us, how we contact you and when we calculate and pay subscription royalties. You will also see changes from the ‘iStock Site’ to the Getty Images contributor site and ingestion platforms. In addition, we have added some guidance and requirements on drone usage. If you upload content prior to December 1 or fail to terminate your current ASA by sending us notice before December 1, you will be deemed to have agreed to the new ASA.

Unification Timeline – Royalties

Scheduled for January 20, 2017
Royalty statement for December transactions available via Agreement Management in ESP.

Scheduled for January 25, 2017
Payments for December transactions will be reflected on the January 20 statement, as explained below.

Main benefits

More detailed monthly royalty data
Moving to the Getty Images royalty platform will result in better visibility into all royalty earnings across all platforms, including additional subscription data from Getty Images.

The more detailed reporting requires more time to process, so royalty earnings will no longer be updated in real time but will instead be published via a royalty statement on the 20th of each month following the month the earnings were made (except royalties payable on subscription downloads, which shall be paid in the month following the end of the applicable subscription term).

We are aiming to transition your last two years of total monthly royalty earnings data from the current iStock contributor system to the new one in January. If you would like to retain royalty data that is older than January 2015, we recommend you log into the existing system to retrieve it before the end of the year.

A new foundation for Stats
We understand how important it is for you to have real time data on the performance of your content. Moving to the same back end technology platform as Getty Images means that we’ll be able to provide better stats on customer interactions with your content than was possible previously. We’ll have the foundation of this new stats approach in January and will enhance it over time.

Based on our current schedule, please note that there will be a transition month in December between the two systems. File download statistics will still be available within the stats tab on your profile and via MyUploads but all royalty earnings will be unavailable for the month.

Next steps
We hope this gives you good insight into the many positive changes that Unification will bring. Below is a simple illustration which shows how the new systems work together:


Our next official update will come in December when we share details of the main differences between uploading at and the new batch functionality with ESP Upload.

We are fairly confident about the royalties system transition dates and the cut-over from upload to ESP on January 3 but, like any technology project, delays are possible. If anything changes, we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

Many thanks
The iStock team

Portreti / Portreti - Stefi Nis
« poslato: Jul 27, 2016, 02:41:12 pre podne »
Neke od fotografija sa sešna. ;)

Portreti / Leto
« poslato: Jun 20, 2016, 07:34:42 posle podne »
Svaki komentar je dobrodosao ;) :D

Portreti / Andjela
« poslato: Decembar 27, 2015, 05:21:45 posle podne »
Svaka kritika i savet je dobrodosao. ;)

Objektivi / Nikon 35mm f1.8 G problem sa fokusom
« poslato: Novembar 16, 2015, 11:16:33 posle podne »
Imam nikon D90 koji koristim sa Nikonom 35mm f1.8. Na tom aparatu  skoro da ne mogu da fokusiram bilo sta sto slikam, uvek bezi fokus  bar za 2cm iza fokusne tacke. Kada slikam portret oci nisu ostre nego ispadne kao da sam fokusirao usi. Da li znate u cemu je problem? Na D7100 fokusira uvek iz prvog puta.

Portreti / Sa rodjendana
« poslato: Oktobar 26, 2015, 10:47:45 pre podne »
Meni se ova mnogo svidja :)

Portreti / Andjela
« poslato: Avgust 19, 2015, 11:26:25 posle podne »
Nikon D90 + 50mm f1.8G  ;)

Ulična i urbana fotografija / Pas
« poslato: Jun 19, 2015, 05:59:25 posle podne »
Jedna dokumentarna, moj drug je kupio psa  ;)

Portreti / Swiss
« poslato: Jun 03, 2015, 10:45:32 posle podne »
Malo sam se igrao u fotosopu  8)

Canon 600D + 50mm f1.8  ;)

Ulična i urbana fotografija / Deda
« poslato: Maj 31, 2015, 07:56:13 posle podne »
 :)  :)  :)  Kvalitet slika je losiji jer sam smanjivao rezoluciju.

Fotografske tehnike i softver / Photoshop CC problem
« poslato: Maj 19, 2015, 10:10:23 pre podne »
Pri obradi fotografije u raw formatu boje mi izgledaju mnogo drugacije kada sacuvam sliku, ovog problema ranije nije bilo, ili ga nisam primecivao.
Koristim Nikon D90 i slikao sam u isto vreme u jpeg i raw formatu. Pomozite.  8)

DSLR fotoaparati / Canon 600D pitanje
« poslato: Februar 14, 2015, 11:39:43 posle podne »
Kako da udjem u ovu opciju, ne vidim je nigde u meniju fotoaparata?  ;)

Ponuda / Canon 600D + 18-55 is
« poslato: Februar 14, 2015, 10:16:42 posle podne »
Canon 600D (9500 snimaka).   
Citac mem. kartice
Canon 18-55 IS
Orginalna Canon torba
Krpica za brisanje objektiva
Kartica 8GB (class 6)
Knjiga "Bolje fotografije uz Canon fotoaparate i bliceve"

Prodajem iskljucivo zbog prelaska na skuplju opremu, opremu ne koristim uposlednje vreme toliko tako da je zbog toga prodajem.   
Canon 600D i 18-55 is u garanciji do 24.4.2016. godine.     
Sve kupljeno u Gigatronu.

Oprema u odlicnom stanju, buduci kupac pre kupovine slobodno neka pogleda istu opremu iz izloga i posle toga neka je uporedi sa mojom, rezlike nema.   Opremu koristim amaterski.   


Ponuda / Canon 50mm f1.8 ll
« poslato: Februar 12, 2015, 11:56:33 pre podne »
Prodajem Canon 50mm f1.8 ll u odlicnom stanju. 70 eura  ;)
U garanciji do 29.7.2016. godine.

Portreti / Deda Mraz
« poslato: Januar 22, 2015, 07:52:50 posle podne »
Canon 600D + 50mm f1.8
Nemam mnogo iskustva u fotografiji, prvi put slikam decu, svaka kritika i komentar je dobrodosao.  8)

DSLR fotoaparati / Koja Nikon oprema za fotografisanje veselja?
« poslato: Januar 17, 2015, 05:55:32 posle podne »
Imam Canon 600D , 18-55 i 50 mm f1.8. Posto vec neko vreme slikam raspitivao sam se da radim negde kao pomocni fotograf. U jednom studiju su rekli da im se svidjaju moje fotografije, ali da moram da imam Nikon da bi fotografisao sa njima na svadbama. Razmisljao sam i jedino resenje je da prodam ovu opremu i da predjem na Nikon, e sad problem je sto se ja toliko ne razumem u svadbarsku fotografiju i ne znam sta mi sve treba i koliko trebam minimalno novca da izdvojim.
Fotografisao bih samo goste u restoranu, koja mi je oprema potrebna za te stvari.
1.Sta bi ste vi kupili , a da vam je novac problem?
2.Za koliko mogu da prodam sadasnju opremu, oprema je u odlicnim stanju, ne vidi se da je koriscen faotoaparat (9.500 snimaka je preso dslr)?


Ulična i urbana fotografija / Tetoviranje
« poslato: Decembar 03, 2014, 05:19:18 posle podne »
Svaki komentar i kritika su dobrodosli. ;)

Portreti / Miki
« poslato: Avgust 07, 2014, 08:29:35 posle podne »

Svaki komentar je dobrodosao ;)

Portreti / Selo ispod Suve planine
« poslato: Jul 26, 2014, 05:12:54 posle podne »
Pocetnik sam, svaki komentar je dobrodosao ;)

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